5 Things That WON'T Help Your Back Pain
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5 Things That WON’T Help Your Back Pain

Back pain is something we all wish would just disappear! But unfortunately, it can plague our lives for weeks, months and even years.

Whether it’s because you sit at a desk all day, you’re sitting down for too much of the day or an old injury is playing up, back pain can feel like it takes over your life and you’re desperately looking for answers

You might have heard about the things that could help relieve your discomfort, but most of this advice won’t help your back pain, or at least not for long.

So to help you in your search for a pain-free back, we’ve picked out the 5 most common things that won’t help your back pain, and might even make it worse!

#1 Rest

Taking resting to the extreme of ceasing all activity that could cause you discomfort, won’t help your back pain.

Your joints tend to stiffen up when you stay in the same position for a prolonged time, and it can be quite challenging to get moving again once you’re ready to stand up.

Additionally, your muscles can become tense when you rest for too long and cause you even more pain when you try to move again.

If you do decide to rest completely because of your back pain, you might find your back pain magnifies over time and leave you scratching your head wondering why you’re worse!

Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain some level of activity, such as light stretching or gentle movements that won’t aggravate your back pain.

#2 Pain Meds

We’re all guilty of reaching for the pain meds when we get a niggling pain for some fast relief. But it won’t help your back pain in the long run!

While pain meds may provide temporary relief, they won’t solve the root cause of your back problems. In fact, relying solely on pain medication to alleviate your symptoms can actually make things worse in the long run.

Over time, your body may become immune to the effects of the medication, which will require you to take more in order to feel the same relief.

This can quickly spiral into a vicious cycle of increasing pain medication usage that can be difficult to break.

Instead of relying on medication, it’s important to address the underlying issue causing your pain. This way, you can have a real chance of a lasting solution that won’t just help your back pain, but rather cure it.

#3 Posture

It’s common knowledge that poor posture can contribute to back pain.

But recognising that your posture is not helping your back pain is the first step towards lasting relief. Starting to correct your posture is crucial, but maintaining the effort to make this conscious change in your daily habits is equally important.

Trust me, it is all too easy to slip into your old unhealthy posture, which won’t help your back pain.

Once you commit to improving your posture, remember that it will take time, patience and plenty of practice to make it a natural habit. But with determination and persistence, you can say goodbye to prolonged back pain and welcome a healthier, more comfortable way of living.

#4 High-Impact Exercise

It may seem like an obvious point, but many people still ask if high-impact exercise is a good idea when you have back pain. The short answer is no, but let’s take a look at the reason why…

Intense physical activity won’t help your back pain and may actually make it worse. High-impact exercises put excessive strain on your spine, leading to further damage and discomfort.

Instead, it’s always recommended that you opt for low-impact alternatives to modify your exercise routine while your back isn’t at its best.

Try activities such as yoga, Pilates, or swimming to reduce the impact on your spine while still maintaining physical fitness.

Give your back the care it needs with gentle exercise and strengthening methods so you can recover stronger and better than you’ve ever been!

#5 Ignoring It

Ignoring your back pain won’t help make it go away. In fact, it might worsen rather than improve. It’s understandable to brush it off and think it’s just a one-time ache or strain.

But the truth is, so many people choose to ignore daily back pain in their lives only to find themselves in excruciating pain that keeps them from functioning at their best.

Not only can back pain impact your daily activities, but it can also lead to long-term discomfort and other complications.

As an expert, I urge you not to overlook your back pain. Seeking professional help can prevent your condition from becoming severe, and proper treatment could mean you finally become back pain-free.

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