Enjoy Outdoor Activities Without Back Pain This Summer With 5 Simple Tips
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Enjoy Outdoor Activities Without Back Pain This Summer With 5 Simple Tips

The weather is warming up and summer activities with family and friends are just around the corner. There’s nothing worse than an aching back impacting your enjoyment of summer activities.

However, you don’t have to let back pain ruin your adventures!

We’ve selected our 5 best tips to help you live your best life this summer without back pain. From preventing back pain to managing it during your activities, these tips will integrate with your active lifestyle and help you thrive without back pain this summer.

#1 Use Proper Form During Physical Activity

As summer approaches, many of us focus on outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

While these activities can certainly be enjoyable, they can also take a toll on our bodies if we’re not careful.

That’s why it’s essential to use proper form during summer activities to avoid back pain.

For example, if you’re hiking, be sure to keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed as you climb up the trail.

If you’re kayaking, maintain a neutral spine and engage your core muscles as you paddle.

And if you’re swimming, avoid twisting your spine as you turn your head to breathe. By using proper form, you can fully enjoy all of your favorite summer activities without back pain.

#2 Invest In The Right Equipment

With summer sports and activities coming up, it’s essential to consider investing in the correct and good quality equipment in order to protect your back from injury.

Whether you enjoy hiking, running, cycling, or water sports, it’s essential to choose equipment that supports your body’s needs and reduces the strain on your back.

By selecting the right equipment, such as orthotic inserts, supportive shoes, proper hydration gear, and even the right bike saddle, you can alleviate the onset of back pain during and after your summer activities so you can enjoy your rest time!

#3 Take Preventative Measures

As a physical therapist, I cannot stress enough the importance of warming up and cooling down in order to enjoy summer sports without back pain!

Many people make the mistake of jumping straight into their activities through the excitement of taking part without properly preparing their bodies, which can lead to back pain and other injuries.

Warming up and stretching before activity helps to increase blood flow to the muscles, loosen joints, and improve flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle strains or tears.

Similarly, cooling down after activity helps gradually decrease heart rate and blood pressure, allowing the body to return to its resting state and reducing the risk of muscle soreness or tightness.

So, if you want to enjoy summer activities without back pain, take the time to properly warm up and cool down. Your body will thank you for it in the long run!

#4 Pause For Breaks

Soaking in the sunshine while paddling in a lake or hiking around the wilderness is the idyllic picture, but if you don’t pause for rest you could be in for a back pain surprise!

It’s important to remember to take breaks and check in with your body to avoid going through unnecessary back pain which we know can put a dampener on your summer spirit.

Making a conscious effort to take breaks, stretch your muscles, and stay hydrated can help keep you pain-free and energized all summer long.

Prevention is key, so listen to your body and take those much-needed breaks.

#6 Don’t Go Too Far!

many of us are excited to increase our physical activity, but it’s crucial to be mindful of our bodies, especially when it comes to our backs.

The importance of not going too far with physical activity cannot be overstated, particularly if you want to enjoy the warmer weather without back pain. 

It’s imperative to find a balance between pushing yourself and incorporating rest days to avoid unnecessary strain on your back, which can ultimately detract from your summer enjoyment and lead to nasty injuries that could bother you for a long time!

When you prioritize your physical health, you’ll reap the benefits of a pain-free summer, allowing you to make the most of the warm weather and all the outdoor activities it offers.

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Other Free Resources For People With Back Pain

If you’re not quite ready to come and see us, you could download our free back pain report where you can learn how to put an end to back pain and stiffness without painkillers, surgery, or waiting to see the doctor.

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