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“Here’s What Any Client Of Impact PT Clinic Can EASILY Do To Help Make Friends (And Family Members) “HEALTHY” Again, With Little Effort Required And NO  Money Needed”

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Simply Email Them This Web-Page Right Now… And Ask Him Or Her To Look Below At All Of The Different “Tips” Sheets (Made By Keith) And Choose The One Which Is Closest To Where It Hurts Most…

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Keith received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion from South Dakota State University in 2007 and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center in 2011.

A native of Chancellor, SD, Keith initially became interested in the field of physical therapy during to a guided imagery activity he partook in while attending SDSU. During this activity, participants were given a general narration by a moderator with which participants then “painted their own picture” in their mind. Near the end of the activity, Keith envisioned himself teaching someone learn how to walk again and immediately knew this was a sign that he was meant to do something bigger than himself – he knew he was meant to have a profound and positive impact on others lives. 

This vision has fueled his passion as a patient advocate as he always strives to do what is right for the patient. His relentless quest for knowledge and personal and professional development has guided him to further his studies with numerous post-graduate courses over the years. His pursuit to enhance his own clinical skills to better help his patients led him to further his education and orthopedic expertise with a manual therapy certification and has been a Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT) since 2014. Keith is also an expert regarding soft tissue injuries, often those chronic in nature and has been an Astym certified clinician since 2014. With 7+ years of experience, all in an outpatient orthopedic setting; Keith has had the privilege of caring for a wide variety of patients: from school-aged children to retirees, from homemakers to business professionals, from weekend warriors to high school, college and even professional athletes.

Keith and his wife, Jennie, have 3 young sons, all of which keep them constantly on their toes! Keith is also an avid sports fan, enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, working in the yard, fishing and working with his patients to have a positive impact to help improve their lives.

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